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MantraBar "Calm; Change; Courage" Horizontal Bar Pendant

RememBar is a wearable reminder that love lives on.

RememBar is a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry designed to ensure the utmost security of your loved one’s remains. Each piece has a hollowed-out bar with a screw backing, which will guarantee you peace of mind and ensure permanent enclosure. Also included is a genuine birthstone to commemorate your loved one as well as the sentiment “remember” delicately inscribed. The jewelry is designed to hold cremated remains, a favorite perfume scent and for some pieces, locks of hair, with only a small portion placed inside.  We offer a Concierge service allowing us to work with one of our partnering funeral homes to assist in the delicate transfer into our customer’s bar. Learn more about our Concierge service.

Carefully crafted to hold your loved one close

RememBar is not simply a collection of fine jewelry, but rather wearable memories that provide comfort as we move forward.  Love lives on as life goes on.

"I wanted to create custom jewelry that speaks to your soul."

RememBar was created by Jennifer Graziano, a 4th generation funeral director from the NY area. Jennifer has had a lifelong passion to help, guide and support those who grieve. She implemented aftercare bereavement support programs within communities as well as created a publication, “Coming of Age”, that helps families have important and sensitive discussions. 


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