RememBar concierge allows us to work with one of our partnering funeral homes to assist in the delicate transfer into our custom bar. Reach out to us at to learn more.

Whether you have selected your RememBar for cremated remains or a lock of hair, each item is fragile and deserving of the utmost care. We recognize the selection and purchase of your custom RememBar jewelry carries significant emotions. Upon receipt of your beautiful, fine-crafted piece, it may be overwhelming to make the transfer yourself. Our RememBar Concierge team will contact a local funeral home close to you and arrange a time where you can deliver your loved one’s remains along with your jewelry piece. These trusted funeral professionals will handle the actual transfer allowing you peace of mind and comfort in the process.

Transfer Instructions for Your RememBar

  1. Place a sheet of clean paper for a working surface
  2. Carefully place a half teaspoon of cremation remains on the paper  
  3. Use the Jeweler's screwdriver to unscrew your RememBar jewelry. Place the small screw in a bowl for safe keeping.
  4. Use the Transfer Spoon to carefully transfer the cremation remains into the opening.
  5. Screw close your RememBar jewelry
  6. Some cremation remains may spill onto the paper. Crease the paper and carefully transfer the cremation remains back into the urn or receptacle along with any excess cremation remains.

Upon purchasing your RememBar, select the option to have Concierge assist with the process at no additional charge.