About Us

RememBar is not simply a collection of fine jewelry, but rather wearable memories that provide comfort as we move forward. Love lives on as life goes on.

Why we created Remembar

RememBar was created by Jennifer Graziano, a 4th generation funeral director from the NY area. Jennifer has had a lifelong passion to help, guide and support those who grieve. She implemented aftercare bereavement support programs within communities as well as created a publication, “Coming of Age”, that helps families have important and sensitive discussions. She has overseen operations of her family’s funeral homes in both NY & CT for over 25 years. In addition, she is an admitted attorney and has also completed courses of study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Having recognized a void for timeless, elegantly crafted memorial jewelry items, Jennifer sought the expertise of Ward Kelvin, a renowned designer in the field.

Our Founder's Inspiration

"I drew my inspiration for RememBar from many sources, most especially my faith. I believe that life does not end here, and we will be reunited with those we have lost in Heaven.

My inspiration also derives from the families I have worked with at our funeral homes. I know the pain of loss is real and people who grieve are in search of comfort. I wanted to create something that is meaningful, beautiful and helpful on the journey of healing.

Above all, my inspiration derives from my daughter. Youth reminds us that anything is possible, as a child’s imagination knows no limits. My daughter is confident in her belief that those we love never leave us and bonds of love can never die. Though we can’t see them, hold them, hear them or touch them…the ones we’ve lost are always with us.

I designed RememBar as an elegant and finely crafted piece of jewelry that provides a sense of comfort. The birthstone on the bar commemorates your loved one and the word “remember” is delicately engraved on the side. The pieces remind us that those we love remain with us and we are able to carry them wherever we go.

Love lives on as life goes on. I hope the piece you select will provide a sense of warmth and comfort as well as the inspiration to keep moving forward.—Jennifer Graziano

Why we are unique

Unlike other memorial items you will find on internet sites, RememBar, is a well-engineered, beautifully crafted piece of jewelry designed to ensure the utmost security of your loved one’s remains. The hollowed-out bar with a screw backing will give you peace of mind and ensure permanent enclosure.

Each piece has a genuine birthstone to commemorate your loved one as well as the sentiment “remember” delicately inscribed. The jewelry is designed to hold cremated remains, a favorite perfume scent and for some pieces, locks of hair. Only a small portion can be placed inside.

Questions for Jennifer? Please email her at Jennifer@RememBarcollection.com